Author: sailorlee15

June Update

I haven’t posted for a minute because I’m not working on the boat! I’m currently off riding my bike across the states. I should be back in August and the boat work will resume in ernest. Rachel and I are planning on moving on board in mid August so there is much to be done. If your interested in reading…

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Colligo Dux Rigging

I decided to rig Satori with synthetic high-modulus polyethylene rope. Its a heat treated and stretched, then given the designation SK-75. On the street err…pier, it’s called Dux. Here’s some fun facts. Colligo Dux rigging is sized for stretch, not breaking strength.  Compared to wire, SK-75 has more material stretch in relation to breaking strength. This means that if 1 mm wire breaks…

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It’s winter. It sucks. Even more this winter because I really need to get shit done to stay on schedule. Oh, remember the heater day tank I adapted from a go kart tank? Well it failed on me. Actually the clear tubing failed first. So after alll that I ended up just doing what I should have done in the…

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