Review of “Red Dot on the Ocean”

When I saw the announcement from Ocean Research Project on Facebook telling me Matt Rutherford’s new sailing movie was available for purchase, it snapped me out of my 2:30pm slump in the office that day. For one, I had not expected the documentary to be available so soon after the premier in New York City last month. Usually, a longer lead time is required while the movie is prepared and packaged for distribution but for whatever reason this particular flick had been fast tracked. It was also available as a download – instant gratification!

I sat down and started watching with the expectation that it would be entirely about the 27,000 mile trip around the Americas 3-18-2015 10-15-28 AMin a 27 foot  30 year old Albin Vega that was financed on a shoestring. To my delight, it was! However this was also the story of Matt’s rather challenging early life. (Matt is 31 now) Challenging might be a little of an understatement; in and out of prison, running the streets, dealing drugs, 9 out of 10 people would still be in prison right now. Matt somehow turned his life around and set a few lofty goals.  These two themes complement each other  in a tried and true documentary style that adds pace and depth to the movie.

The production on the movie was first rate, with only a couple caveats. The cinematography and audio production was tight and well executed. My only qualm was with the soundtrack to the movie. As someone who has done a fair amount of work in Final Cut I recognized several stock audio tracks that come with the software. That was a little disappointing especially when custom sound design can be had for a relatively small cost and could have added much more professionalism to the end product.

It’s said out of every 1000 people that have the dream to go sailing over the sunset, 100 of them ever actually buy the boat. Out of those 100, only 1 ever actually leave the dock. That alone is an accomplishment. Now take that boat and pick a route fraught with peril. Now take that route and do it alone, nonstop. What you get is 2 world records, and the movie “Red Dot on the Ocean”.


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