Beta Marine 38 Install Part 1

The Engine arrived at my house in Howard County in early December. I Was able to move it down into my basement with the family backhoe and there it sat until the Yanmar’s roots could be cut. I finally was able to get the Yanmar up, out, and into the saloon. I rigged up some 2X4s and used a come-a-long ┬áto lift the old beast out of its mounts.

Unfortunately its the middle of the damn winter and the yard crane is laid up and blocked in by boats. My uncle offered to help me by driving his crane truck to the yard and do the exchange. I jumped at the opportunity.

It was a cold 32 degrees as we met and started the trucks. Both my old F-250 and his ex-Baltimore county truck had seen better days and we joked asking each other if his vehicle was up to the 110 mile round trip drive.

We arrived at the yard and set up the crane. Dad and I got to work rigging the Yanmar for its last trip with me; up and into the waiting cradle. My companion way is (when measured at about 30 degrees) 30″ high. The Yanmar from its oil pan to the top of the injectors is about 29″. It was going to be tight and we ended up having to tilt the engine to about 60 degrees to get it through the companion way.

Getting the Beta 38 into the boat was much easier. You can tell immediately that this engine has a lot less mass just by handling it when suspended. It only required a slight tilt to make it though the companionway. Dad and I joked that next time we change out power plants we’ll probably just need to hand the hydrogen turbine down through the hatch…

Finally got the 17-40mm for the 5D. Fun times using it to film the progress!

New engine only feet from its new home.


The old engine fit in the beta 38’s cradle.


Yanmar about to be set down


New engine on its way up.




New engine taking to the air.


Several Shots comparing the size of the Yanmar 3QM30F and Beta 38 1505







Big thanks to my Uncle Ted for driving the truck out to Edgemere and helping do the swap!


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  1. January 21, 2015 at 2:33 am

    Pretty red engine.
    Very interesting to see the size comparison between the new and old. Hope it works out for you. That Beta looks good.

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