Hull #242, A history

I recently had contact with one of Satori’s past owners, a man named Mike.  He owned the boat from 1984 -2004 which makes up the bulk of her history. He shared the following with me over email and graciously allowed it posted here. Thanks Mike!
“A couple named Linderoth (they were very active in TOG at the time) bought Satori in 1980 from a TaYang dealer in Florida. It was their SECOND T-37, after having owned a used one for a while, so they put a lot of thought into the semi-custom layout that resulted. They commissioned her there, and took off through the Bahamas. Health issues forced them to cut the cruise short. They sold the boat to Frank and Cynthia Lawson less than a year after commissioning.
The Lawsons (also active in TOG) were professional captain and mate on a big 90 foot charter boat in the Caribbean in the winter, but had summers “off” so Satori became their “play” boat. They repositioned her to Baddeck, NS in the summer of 1981, doing a major refit in the Annapolis area enroute. Added a sailing dinghy (Dyer Dhow), Grunnert holding plate refrigeration, replaced the poor Taiwanese exhaust system with stainless, etc. etc. They cruised Maine and the Maritimes of Canada summers 81-82-83-84.  There is a beautiful photo of Satori in front of a huge iceberg that made a big splash in Cruising World somewhere in there…
I was the third owner, bought her from the Lawsons in August of 1984, took delivery in Maine, and kept her there for a couple of seasons, laid her up inside at Robinhood Marina in Arrowsic, ME for the winters. Moved her to Mystic Connecticut the summer of 1985, then to Wilson Cove YC in Rowayton CT 1986-1991. Cruised direct Mystic CT to the Chesapeake in the fall of 1985, and spent the winter of 85-86 in the Chesapeake Bay area before repositioning to WCYC.
In 1991 I got a job transfer to Washington DC, so in the spring of 1992 repositioned Satori to Herrington Harbour in Rose Haven MD. Had many fine summers of cruising the Chesapeake, but no more blue water offshore trips during that period.  Sold her to Michael Quirk in May of 2004, just prior to moving back to SC where I live now. It was not an auction, just a regular brokerage sale, Bluewater Yachts if I remember right.
I had the port most forward knee replaced in about 2002 following an insurance survey. My surveyor advised that they were all suspect due to poor design, but the others passed his inspection. I had a phone conversation with Mike Quirk once a couple years after he and he told me several had let go during a very heavy weather sail, and I think her had all the remaining ones done then.
Funny, Satori has spent the majority of her life in the Chesapeake, 3 different owners. I know Hartges well, laid Satori up there one winter and had them strip the varnish and went with a two part finish…sorry, don’t remember the name.
Hope that little history is of interest. I was in TOG from 1984 to about 2000, and had a few articles published in my first few years. Should be in the TOG archives, 84-88 or so, from the Norm Demain era, if that is of interest.
I can’t tell you how happy I am to find Satori is still going strong after all these years. You are doing a nice job with the refit and I hope you will enjoy her as much as I did. What are your plans…any voyaging in the future?  If you need a crew for a leg or two here or there let me know. After 20 years I know that boat very well! “
I’m glad the boat had such a good owner all these years! I plan to continue the tradition.